How do you handle rejection?

I know, it is part of life. I get that. And it is typically a large part of a writer’s life. I get that too. Every writer you’ve ever heard of was rejected and rejected and rejected before working through a small publication, then a larger one, and then a big book deal. Except for the rare overnight success, most of whom had enough rejections to paper a small room before being suddenly discovered.
Me, I work in the garden.
It seems a better reaction than drinking, howling down a country lane on a fast Ducati, or skinning my knuckles in the garage. I save those activities for happy times.
The thing is, I’m starting to like gardening. You can anticipate my dilemma.
Today Stanford University announced the 2015 Stegner Fellows and I wasn’t on the list. I had already scoped out rental units in Palo Alto. I figured a small seasonal unit with use of garage space and easy access to the twisty country lanes east of the Bay City would do the trick. I’d bring an air cooled carbureted Duc from back in the day- or maybe find a long forgotten one in a weather-beaten barn. I’d buy one of those new fangled Apple Macbooks that weigh 2 pounds and slip into a neoprene pouch slung over my shoulder. I’d hit the twisties and then find a quiet pub off the main drag. And with a warm stout and the white noise of Northern California subculture I’d write the great Canadian/American novel. I’d retune the carburetors another day.
But I wasn’t on the list.
I know, 1,700/1 isn’t great odds (applicants/awards). But I passed ambition 101 and I thought I was in.
So today I didn’t ride my bike, work in the garage, or nurse a beer through the character study of my latest protagonist. But the sun is shining, the price of Apple products is predictably falling, and well, the garden looks great.

Another Screening!

TWO 4 ONE is playing at the Vic Theatre this month from April 10 through April 13. If you haven’t seen it, give it a shot. It won awards at the Victoria Film Festival, some Actra awards, and it played to great reviews at Cincenta and at several other film festivals. See my way cool Ducati, relish the lighting, the superb scenery, and the ravishing screenplay and direction. A nice way to spend an evening. Oh, bring your friends and be ready to engage in relevant discussion afterward! And watch for me in the credits (four times!)