About me: Sheldon, Shelley, Shel, SM,

I am a writer. A novelist, fiction writer, dramatist, screenwriter, and a very poor poet. I’ve also won some literary prizes: Best one act play of 2013, shortlisted for the Geist/Three Day Novel Prize, Goodfella’s short story contest. If pushed I do CNF and non-fiction too. I also work in the film industry. I’ve made a few silly shorts (you can see them if you click on the links above) and worked on some considerably more serious productions. I’m most proud of my novels and novellas. See PAGES for a description of those. My work has been published in the odd periodical but I don’t have a big book deal yet. My play LAST FALL has been produced and ran October 16-18, 2013 at the Phoenix Theatre in Victoria. Oh, and I made a short graphic novel. Some people call them comic books. Check it out. It’s posted here.

I’m also a recovering lawyer. Getting on thirty years now. It put my kids through school. I always did the right thing and I held onto my dignity and courage. Not a bad legacy. And I do some adjudication now and then to keep the wolves away. Sometimes I teach law at university. I love the law and welcome the chance to do something important in the way of judging. You know where to find me.

I restore old Italian motorcycles, love to sail boats, and am currently a BFA candidate at the University of Victoria in the writing department. I really have a very fine life here in paradise with my wife Jacquelene.

The purpose of this blog is twofold: I want to get my work out there, expose it to you- my readers. And I want to “burn” my stories (once published online they are ineligible for publication in print) so I can’t rest on my laurels. If I want to publish in print I can’t save up my old stories. I have to write new ones. Only by continuing to write will I develop to my full potential. I don’t believe in sitting on past work, fretting over a comma, a verb. I believe in working toward a free flow of ideas from mind to fingers to publication. Imperfect, pure, Ideas. I genuinely hope you enjoy my work. Visit often. And please tell me what you think. I want your comments.


I am a writer.

5 thoughts on “About me: Sheldon, Shelley, Shel, SM,

  1. Putting his work out there–as a podcast on the Internet–actually propelled Terri Fallis to acclaim with Canada Reads winner The Best Laid Plans. As a wise panelist at Springboard said “nobody knows what the #$%& is going on!”

    • Thanks Maureen. I hope someone up there is listening to your wise words! Thanks for visiting. Check out my old post “So I married a Sponge Pocket!” You might like that one too!

  2. I am so proud of you. You have faced adversity and came through with flying colours…. I am confident that your novel(s), plays, etc will be fabulous and a hit. I am proud to call you my brother….

    • Hi Larry.
      Thanks for asking. Perhaps I was unclear in my post on Benjamin’s site- I have many stories. I’ve not published them. They’re private and I thought I’d offer to share them with David’s family and friends if any of you are interested. Feel PM me at smseigel@gmail.com
      Again, condolences.

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