My Films and Videos

I’m pleased to have been the lead writer and consultant for the pilot of a new web series, Fear or Favour. Shooting just wrapped and Episode 1: Click to Upload is in post production and all over social media. Check it out. (

I had the distinct pleasure of working as Grip and Electrics on Maureen Bradley’s Two 4 One feature film with an extraordinary cast and crew of professionals. I also provided my beloved Ducati bevel-drive single motorcycle for the shoot (and my friend Roger Lamoureux as stunt rider!). Don’t miss this one- coming to a film festival near you!

I worked on ‘Till Death. Casting Director, Key Grip, Foley Artist, Post Production Coordinator. It was great fun and the film is fairly spectacular. I’ll have a trailer up soon. We’re aiming for the Toronto International Film Festival!

I made Critical Acclaim as a film class project. It’s a send-up of the class and a nod to my fantastic prof and filmmaker, Brian Hendricks. It’s about movies too.

I made the 3 minute short: Exosphere in order to showcase the talents of the dancers, choreographer, and musicians who wrote and performed for this entry into the NASA Art in Space program.  I think of the film as the delivery system for the displayed art. ***JUST ACCEPTED INTO THE 2013 UVIC SUNSCREEN FILM FESTIVAL***

I co-wrote a science fiction screenplay for a feature-length motion picture with the very talented Lorenzo Oss-Chech. Prime Ordeal made its rounds in Hollywood and did some time in the halls of TV land before the notes and  rewrites tired us both out. Suffice it to say the themes and ideas in that script have since been well used.

40 Nots. Yeah, that’s me horsing around. It’s just 30 seconds long and quite short on actual sailing skills. I think you’ll find it funny. My cousin Ellie shot it and edited-in the cow sound. Quite a guy, Ellie. I can teach you to sail!

2 thoughts on “My Films and Videos

  1. Hello My name is Jayne. Im Anton Wilsons Mother. Anton played Zach on Fear or Favour. We missed the screening at Cine Uvic. Due to me working. We live in Duncan. Is there a link you could send me to watch the screening of Fear or Favour?
    Much Appreciated.
    Thx Jayne Wilson

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