My Plays

I’m a bit of a reluctant playwright. I love the theatre and had to take playwriting along with my preferred path of prose literature during my BFA first year. My first play, The Continuing Adventures of Sid Sock and Thelonius Sandal won Accolades (for the title, if nothing more!) from my professor, so I kept at it. My next play, LAST FALL, won best one-act play of 2013 from Theatre B.C., and the Gwen Farris Ringwood Award, eclipsing the runner-up (my first year playwriting prof!) who wrote a wonderful piece that I would have gladly voted superior. I’ve since written two more plays, a one-act play called Boys Cruise, in which one of a group of friends is lost overboard on a weekend sail, and which haunts me every time I cast off my lines for real, and The Houseguest. The Houseguest is a full-length play that started as a love story between a mute mountain woman and a Woody Allen-esque character who’s afraid of spiders, and currently enjoys freely speaking individuals, two murders, a back story of child abuse, and a fatal jump from a M fire escape. Perhaps I should give up spicy food.

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