My Novellas

And the Wheels Fell Off!

Is a rollicking romp along with Lenny Goldstein after the fallout of Lenny’s Garage. Lenny is back in form, though stuck in a wheelchair for who knows how long. He’s got an old-school van built up to accommodate his needs but his favourite employee Jenn is back from Vet school for the summer and she’s not having any of Lenny’s contrivances. “Get out of that thing and walk” she says, And she means it! Nick’s in jail and the Russians are threatening to kill him over a little matter of a half-million bucks worth of cocaine that’s gone astray, Arthur’s jet has been confiscated, and Ben’s after Arthur’s seat at the Granite Club. The RCMP are doing an investigation into  organized crime in the GTA and the boys are worried. Ciao burnt down and now the gang hangs out in Lou’s Smoke Shop, which as everyone knows used to be Tony’s Barbershop. Keep your eyes ahead and your head down! This story was shortlisted by the Geist Foundation and the Three Day Novel Contest for the big prize of 2013.

A Decent Calling

My 2014 entry to the 3-Day Novel Contest. Results yet to be announced. Pike was having a perfectly good life when his buddy showed up on the dock with some strange news. They’d both been accepted into Law School. Not bad, but Pike hadn’t even applied! It seems Jude was informed that without a law degree he wasn’t getting his inheritance, so he applied. But he wasn’t going to go without his best friend, so he forged a few documents and voila! A roommate! Pike gets dragged into the mess and the next thing you know, he’s being thrown out by an overbearing professor who doesn’t like Western fish, and Pike’s in a fight for his dignity. With his friends at his side, the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court and a tuna sandwich, and a glass house from which to observe life in the lake, Pike figures it out. Law is like fishing, right? Set out your gear, tend the line, then at the right moment… strike! A nice wholesome tale, if you ask me.

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