Just had my birthday and the novel I’m writing is going gangbusters!  Lenny is messed up something fierce and on his way to wherever he’s going at warp speed! I can feel the crash coming.

Meanwhile, I’ve had to bail on an invitation to do lighting (Key Grip) on Josh Turpin’s new film Rebel which is shaping up nicely. Because family stuff requires some last minute travelling.

And I’ve registered to write in the infamous International Three-Day Novel Contest over the Labour Day weekend. A complete novel in three days. No drafts before, and no editing afterward. First prize is a publishing contract for the novel with Anvil Press. I’m init to winit. You heard it here first. That means my published expectation that The Manager will be my third novel, is wrong. The Manager will be number four, following the yet to be named (and written) three-day project. Please check out ARCHIVES on the left, way down there, and click on MARCH and go down to the bottom to find MY LIFE IN MOVIES. It’s not really just about movies. It’s informative and a little bit funny too.


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