LAST FALL wins Theatre BC One Act Play of the year for 2013

I’m chuffed at the accolade and on my way to the red carpet ceremony in a couple of weeks to collect my swag! Thanks again to Joan for her guidance and direction and to the panel of judges and the administration of Theatre BC. 

There will be a reading of LAST FALL at the Kamloops Mainstage Festival that takes place from July 4-12, 2014.

5 thoughts on “LAST FALL wins Theatre BC One Act Play of the year for 2013

  1. “Chuffed”!?……only a writer would actually use that word…..but then again, you are truly worthy of being chuffed, and I’m very pleased for you in landing this prestigious award. I’m only hoping that you’ll continue to converse with us little people when you become a celebrity!

    • what little people. I don’t remember any little people…
      Chuffed is a saying from Down Under. I learned that on a very windy day during a sailing regatta. “Mate, we aughta be chuffed as it’s blowin’ dogs off chains!”

  2. Omg, Ian and Sheldon, you two and all of your chuffed talk is hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh this morning!

    Congrats on your big award Sheldon! Will we be able to see your play in Victoria at some point?

  3. Reckon we were using ‘chuffed’ in the UK way before it crossed the Pacific Ocean, but I’m awesomely chuffed for you Shel, Mazel Tov

  4. Well done and well deserved! Congrats on your booty collection. Will we next see you thanking your publicist and agent when accepting your academy award??

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