Win some. Lose some.

Two 4 One took home honours at the Victoria Film Festival last weekend. Maureen Bradley (writer, director, editor), Daniel Hogg (producer), and Amy Belling (director of cinematography) were on stage for Q & A sessions after the two sold-out shows. Audience response was spectacular and the film won Best Canadian Feature Length Film! Congrats to all. For my part I wish to add that the cast and crew worked tirelessly through the adversity of a super-tight shooting schedule and some pretty wicked weather to get the job done. The group came together as a cohesive whole and I will long remember the experience as invigorating and uplifting. Thank you Maureen. If you missed it, Two 4 One will be showing at Cinecenta on March 24 and 25. Hope to see you there.
On a more sombre note, I did not win the 2014 3-Day Novel contest. It is a credit to the quality of A Decent Calling that I thought the book had a chance. Given my success at the contest last year, I know what it takes to win and I put my all into the most recent submission. Perhaps I’ll release excerpts of it here. It’s a solid novella and perhaps only the fourth fictional account of life in law school released in the past forty years (The Paper Chase, Legally Blonde, The Faculty Club).

4 thoughts on “Win some. Lose some.

  1. like you say Shel, win some, lose some – spectacular result for 2 4 1.
    With any competitive arena there are always so many variables – quality of work is often not as important as we think it is or think it should be.

  2. Congrats on Two 4 One! It was truly spectacular and I loved it! As for the 3 Day International Novel Contest…keep going Shel. This is just a “bump” in the road to your literary success. When the going gets tough…the tough get going. You are a very talented writer/playwright….keep up the good work. It will happen.

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