Last Fall: A short review of my play by a noted and well-respected actor

How many ways can you say ‘existential’?  Sheldon delivers an amazingly haunting play in the style of J. P. Sartre (No Exit) and S. Hoselton (Clouds). Two strangers trapped in a dilemma from which there is no escape; only certain death. And yet there is a form of salvation and even comfort as the strangers come to understand and accept their realities and consequently their fates.  But the point is nobody gets out of here alive.  ‘Here’ happens to be a residential garage; probably in the suburbs.  

            Very smart props including a portable engine, steering wheel and bucket seats with shabby fabrics. Upholstery is big in this play!  

            This is a very clever, well produced play.  Great blocking, skilled and carefully measured pacing, economical and efficient sets, sparse and effective props. The dialogue is compelling and you should see these young actors deliver.


Joseph A. Calenda, MCIP (Rtd), DTM

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