News for the film: ‘Til Death… and more!

It seems I’m putting up more news than fiction, but it is what it is.  The film I worked on last year and of which I am very proud has had some public breakthroughs as of late.  It is premiering at the Vancouver Short Film Festival and screening at the Whistler Film Festival this fall. This is very exciting for Maureen Bradley (producer) and Connor Gaston (director) as well as the whole crew of the fantastic short. Here are some links to whet your appetite:

Of course you could also click on the upper bar “the making of…” on this blog (look up). I’m credited as Casting Director, Foley Artist, and Key Grip (chief lighting guy) and listed on IMDB- which thrills me.

I’m also delighted to say that I’ll be working on a feature film in the spring too- and perhaps a web series, I’ve finished my new play- Boys Cruise, and I’m ready to start final production and layout of a short graphic novel- Man in a Pinstripe Suit, commissioned (essentially) by the uber-talented multi-media artist and novelist Lee Henderson (The Man Game)  Very exciting times. Now, back to fiction… 

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