1. Awesome, Awesome! Love it Shel! Wow…it is amazing that you not only came up with the theme of your graphic novel, but that you drew all the pictures! Bravo….!

  2. Just finished Man In A Pinstripe Suit, and I must say I’m impressed. Here I thought I was the artist between the 2 of us but once again you amazed me with your ability to venture outside your comfort zone and succeed with an A+.
    …. your old friend but a new fan….

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    • Hi Shel Glad to see all the exciting stuff going on in your life. You get out of your craft what you put into your craft. So far so good. I really enjoy your writing and am glad that you found your niche in life. I enjoyed seeing you in the 2 films about the making of “Til Death”. The one thing that stood out in those films was the poor guy cutting the 4×4. If I knew the budget didn’t include a power saw, I would have loaned you one of mine. Look forward to future works from my great friend. Regards to everyone Ben

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