Fear or Favour: A new webseries being shot this month

Once again, I’m teaming up with Maureen Bradley, Daniel Hogg, and Dan Carrothers- and the 2014 version of WRIT420 At UVIC do put together a production in short order, with limited budget, and to a high standard! The production team is a good one, emotions are high, and things are going gangbusters with the script almost locked, the locations under control, and final auditions being carried on as I write. Follow FEAR OR FAVOUR on Facebook or check out the website. I’ll drop some links when I get a moment.

Write a novel in 3 more days- the sequel

On Labour Day of 2013 I competed in the International 3-day novel contest. I wrote 33,000 words in 72 hours, abused my body and my mind, and was shortlisted by the generous literary adjudicators for the big prize. Top ten! But I didn’t win.
On Labour Day last -2014, it strikes me as I slowly regain functional synapses- I did it again. This time I put 40,000 words (or 200 standard novel-esque pages for those not inclined to do the math) in the books for the weekend. Not a bad haul.
I am pretty sure I’ve not done permanent damage to myself or the English language, and so I’m calling it a success. Whether I win or not, well, I’ve already won, haven’t I?
Some people ask me why I do this? I respect those people. Others just say I’m nuts. I can’t deny their insight.
Writers write because we can. Because we think we have something to say.
Novelists write because we have lots to say.
3-day novelists write because we have lots to say quickly.
I’ll concede that the logic is not water-tight. But I learned many things from this year’s contest.
1- It takes a community to support a writer.
2- There’s no substitute for a thoughtful looking dog.
3- Thinking still takes more time than typing (a repeat realization).
4- If I could sing and dance and tell jokes, I’d be talented.
5- There is a reason that some old jokes are still around.
6- For most people, writing a novel is a bad idea. For the rest of us, writing a novel in 3 days is a bad idea. For those who write a novel in 3 days notwithstanding that it is a bad idea, there is little hope of redemption.
I did it. I’m glad I did. I hope I win.
Check out the 3daynovel.com website and maybe try it yourself next year. And watch for announcements. You know, just in case…

Charming Stranger Review

Check out my review of Wolf In The Mirror as published in The Marble Theatre Review (June 20, 2014) at: http://marblevictoria.com/post/89384673757/wolf-in-the-mirror-charming-stranger-review

“An inter-dimensional romp beneath the matrix” 

An impulse Theatre Production,Metro StudioTheatre, June 19-22, 2014

And for theatre goings on around Victoria, check out: marblevictoria.com

LAST FALL wins Theatre BC One Act Play of the year for 2013

I’m chuffed at the accolade and on my way to the red carpet ceremony in a couple of weeks to collect my swag! Thanks again to Joan for her guidance and direction and to the panel of judges and the administration of Theatre BC. 

There will be a reading of LAST FALL at the Kamloops Mainstage Festival that takes place from July 4-12, 2014.


Theatre B.C. Contest finalist

My play LAST FALL, which premiered as a SATCO production at the Phoenix Theatre in Victoria last winter has been selected as a finalist by Theatre B.C. for their one-act play of the year for 2013!

I’m very excited about the play’s success. I am also tremendously flattered that the jury found merit in my little drama.

It was a hard play to write, due to the subject matter and the universality of the impact of cancer on all of our lives. I’ve since lost my cousin Howard and my friend Ray to cancers. Both of them were in their 50s.

I wish to dedicate this and any further successes of LAST FALL to Howard and Ray, who each demonstrated considerable character in the face of accelerated mortality.