Two 4 One

Two 4 One

I’m very excited about the upcoming February shoot of Maureen Bradley’s next great feature film TWO 4 ONE. You’ve heard about it on CBC, read about it online, and very soon, I’m going to help (Assistant lighting director, Grip) Maureen bring it to life. Check out the link. Here’s a pic of Maureen and me clowning around…


LAST FALL production announcement

For those of you who call Victoria home:

LAST FALL opens for an exclusive three night run this Wednesday (Oct 16 thru 18, 2013) at the Phoenix Theatre on Ring Road. As the writer, I’m quivering with anticipation at seeing my characters come to life. The director, dramaturge, set design team, and stage manager have outdone themselves. The actors are simply amazing. If the rehearsals I’ve seen are any indication of the final product, the performances will be stellar. ┬áCongratulations all. Be brave! Be bold! And break a leg (each)!